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Cobra One Tactical Airsoft – Outdoor Battlefield


25 Island Road Great Meadows, New Jersey 07838

Anchor & Star : Indian CountryJun 29, 12:00pmCobra One Tactical Airsoft and Training Centerwww.anchorstarairsoft.com/

Indian Country is the flagship Anchor & Star Airsoft event. Indian Country takes place in the I Corps region of the Republic of South Vietnam in the summer of 1968. Fire Support Base Betsy is located between a moving PAVN army and the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Indian Country offers a level of immersion and realism not often seen in airsoft events. The sights, sounds and smells will transport the participants back to the summer of '68.

US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam and the People's Army of Viet Nam are looking for hardworking and dedicated troops to fill in available positions. Here you will be able to join the force of your choosing. Good luck.
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Anchor & Star : Indian Country

Path to Ragnarok 3: Twilight of the GodsApr 28, 8:00amCobra One Tactical Airsoft and Training CenterOvernight MilSim Event
April 28-29, Cobra One Tactical in NJ.

Unifrom Rules:
Republic of Rooken - Russian Flora, Woodland M81 or Solid Green.
Weapons - ARs or AKs are ok.

Volkland - Multicam, Atacs FG, DCU or Flat Tan
Weapons - ARs only.

Plate Carrier or Vest can be any color.

A group of 5 can come in the same camo uniform as long as it adheres to the color scheme of each faction. Tan for Volkland and Green for Rooken.

Some of the Story:
The 3rd and final event for the Path to Ragnarok Series is here! This spring reenlist to help the two fighting factions claim the disputed lands for over 30 years.

The last two events set the stage for this one with the troublesome Fangs of Fenrir holding an important item from PtR2, VDF units have crossed over into Rooken territory and have made leadership in the captial Rooken City anxious.

Public opinion of this war is unpopular for both sides with some calling for a reunification of the two countries. The Fangs have been able to get one of their demands, the expulsion of a foreign inflence... PumiCo. The natural resource company has currently ended operations on the island and may not return. That leaves the mining and processing rights to Volkland and Republic of Rooken. Volkland currently has the technology to process the pumivi into a fuel where Rooken has a potential buyer.
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Path to Ragnarok 3: Twilight of the Gods
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